Where to put relevant coursework on resume

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Summary structure. Actually it is just the word “resume”. Recently, this document is sometimes referred to as Curriculum Vitae (CV, Latin for “biography”) as it is practiced when writing summaries in other languages. This option is more beautiful and more accurate in meaning, but we are quite rare. A brief description of what position you are applying for. It is recommended to list all the posts that you would like to occupy. The existing scheme of activity of personnel departments and personnel agencies is often extremely inflexible. The form you filled out is placed in a folder (entered in a directory), in accordance with your indication of “specialization”. Therefore, you must specify all the vacancies that are of interest to you. (However, do not stretch this item more than two lines).

Your name, address, telephone number (including area code), e-mail (no need to leave a silly e-mail in your resume, get a new one, especially for a job search). Specify your personal website page in the social. networks only in cases where they are directly related to your future employment! We recommend for the period of job search to close your pages in the social. networks! Why? Because there are curious employers who, before calling you and inviting you for an interview, will find you in the same soc. networks and it is possible that there they may find such information that you would not want to advertise, this, in turn, will adversely affect your employment! So think about it. Education in the resume of a young specialist, with a lack of practical work experience or its minimum (not counting practice), takes the leading place. Education is indicated with dates, in reverse order:

1. the main thing high school (and the name of the faculty) 2. additional (parallel) the second higher education (if you have one); 3. It is important to report on the completion of courses and the passage of certification in the specialty. If the end of courses in accordance with a hobby (for example, photography) is expensive for you, include it in the last part a hobby, but not in the “education” section indicate the secondary school is only necessary if it is a special school, or if you graduated from high school with honors (gold silver medal); note also the diploma with honors, additional specialties, if the institute (university) specialization of the applicant contacts, at least partially, with the position of interest to him, you can specify the name of the graduating department; if experience is insufficient or absent, as is often the case with a young specialist, it is recommended to indicate the subjects studied (especially those in which the most success was achieved), good and excellent marks, awards at competitions and contests, etc .;