What is a coursework

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The section “skills of work” provides the applicant with ample opportunities to show what is called a product by person. It is important to specify to the maximum everything that is relevant to the desired job, and the rest in the event that it improves your performance. But it is better, nevertheless, not to get carried away if your advantages are too much, a potential employer may be afraid that he will not have enough money for such a valuable employee. Do not praise yourself just the facts. The employer himself must draw conclusions.In the West, this item is included necessarily, because a person is often best recommended by the social situation: clubs, societies, awards, etc. Since in our society there is no such system, it is desirable to note that it has at least an indirect relation to the specialty. You should not indicate whether you are in any political parties or religious communities. You should not mention the recommenders themselves, but you need to prepare a list of them it can be useful at the interview.

In conclusion, you must put the date of the summary and signature. Dating a resume increases the credibility of interest in this work, the old date may indicate that the candidate has long and unsuccessfully looking for work. The resume writing style should meet the following requirements: brevity the absence of redundant words, incomprehensible abbreviations and terms; concreteness the lack of information that is not directly related to the vacancy; purposefulness presentation of the main information confirming the right to apply for this position; activity the need to use active verbs that show activity. For example, if you have only initial knowledge, and they are necessary for this position, then you need to write “I own the basics You should never write “participated”, “assisted”, because it allows you to think that you stood aside and provided different services on a case-by-case basis;

Accuracy and clarity of thought; selectivity involves careful selection of information. Do not try to fit everything in one resume. Remember, a resume must fully comply with the position you are applying for honesty (lack of unreliable information); literacy. The photo should not exceed the passport size (3.5 to 4 cm). The photo must match its purpose. This means that photos at home or on vacation will not work, too frivolous or, for example, deliberately studio, glamorous, etc. By this you only express disrespect for the employer. Let it be better to have a modest high-quality photo in business clothes and surroundings, with a pleasant look and an easy friendly smile.